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Plane Shift is an exploration of shaders and procedural generation of Unity. The focus during the project was on small variations that can have a significant effect on the experience of traveling through each plane of the game. This was done by varying certain broad or specific parts of each plane. This includes a variety of shaders to change small aspects of the world such as building materials, effects on the columns and bridge, and then code to procedurally create a plane on the fly by selecting consistent options between them. The light story was also an attempt to add a more progressive layer on top of the repetition.

The inspiration for the project connects back to phenomenology, and its focus on first person experience as the frame for understanding the world. The procedural variation within the game and the allure of "endless" worlds seems like an enticing prospect to someone looking to break out experience "the new" like the protagonist.


Plane Shift Standalone Version 27 MB

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